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Bed Spreads

Bed Spreads

What is a bedspread?  A bedspread is a cover which is spread over the blanket and/or top sheet on a bed.  Bedspreads are mainly for ornamentation.  Some bedspreads however are functional and made for warmth.  The design and material determines whether it is used for ornamentation or for warmth.  Bedspreads may also include comforters, quilts, and coverlets.

Bedspread Material
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Bed spreads come in a variey of fabrics, although today they are mainly cottons and polyesters.  Bed spread material whether cotton or polyester can be made to simulate linen, leather, sateen, velvet, valor, or suede.  Bed spreads can also have gimp trim, embroidery or crocheted work on them; also of cotton or polyester.  Quitted bed spreads may also be stuffed or lined with either cotton or polyester.

Shopping for Bedspreads

Even before shopping for bedspreads, it is important to know the exact measurements of the bed.  This can save a lot of time running back and forth to the stores checking bedspread sizes and having to return the bedspread because it does not fit just right.  Most beds come in general sizes like; king size, queen size,single, bouble and several other sizes.  Most bed spreads will be labeled according to which bed size they will fit.  If the tag is missing, however, and you don’t know what kind of bed you have, bed spreads will almost always list the dimensions of the covers.  So make sure you write down the dimensions of your matress before you go out.

Measuring it for a Correct Fit

Measure the width and length of the mattress.  Just because the label on a bedspread says twin, full, queen, or king does not always mean it will fit your twin, full, queen, or king size mattress.  You need to look at the specific measurements on each bed spread.  The measurements for twin, full, queen, or king bed spreads vary with companies.  Even within a company, types of bedspreads can vary in size.  If you are buying a bedspread that has a cording around the top edge of mattress and then drops to the floor with a skirt of ruffles you will also have to measure the height of the bed from the top of the mattress to the floor.  Even with a regular bedspread you need to take this height into consideration since mattress and beds vary in height.

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