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Eating Out, What About My Food Plan?

Eating out

You are a working woman and cannot find time to eat at home? Do not panic, adopt good eating habits at a restaurant in order to stabilize your weight loss food plan and not disrupt your diet.

Lunch break in a classic restaurant

It is often difficult to forego delicious food and a variety of dishes offered in restaurants, but weight balance requires resisting. You are on a diet so you need to take control without depriving yourself. Make the right choice and remember to order food rich in trace elements necessary for the proper functioning of the body and especially good digestion. The latter being the precondition for the elimination of bad fat that ruins the silhouette. Order food rich in protein without much fat as beef (lean), chicken or fish, vary your breakfast and do not hesitate to take a light entrance, composed of raw or cooked vegetables with dressing on the side.

If you do not want to eat meat, two choices are available to you. Choose a mixed salad with cheese 0%, accompanied by a yogurt or a glass of cold milk. The second choice is to eat pasta lean without fat. Take also a rice dish with vegetables or potatoes steamed, rich in carbohydrates essential for the energy needed for your daily activities. Take absolutely dessert for the digestive tract easily assimilates the various foods consumed before. Opt for fruit salad. If you are satisfied, take a fruit that you eat later as a snack.

The lunch in a pizzeria, or in Asian restaurant

The fact is that you cannot always decline an invitation in a pizzeria in your lunch break. Moreover, you will have perhaps a lack of time. And do not worry; the pizza is indeed “edible” for a food plan that is still believed impossible. The ideal pizza is that called “four seasons.” Consisting of ham, mushrooms, olives, artichokes and cheese, the “four seasons” has everything a balanced meal by bringing you all the necessary nutrient intakes. The cheese is a protein intake, ham; lean is usually a source of vitamins such as olive. The artichoke is also an infallible “fat burning.”

Article source: keto cookbook

Pancakes yes, but only with jam, sugar or compote. Those salted with vegetables, eggs, cheese or hams are also permitted. However, do not eat too garnished pancakes, such as those with three cheeses, with varied cured meats or pancakes made widely rich in fat. As for Asian cuisine, opt for spring rolls, soups half-moons, plugs and organic salads with bamboo shoots, for example. Banish egg rolls, fried, breaded cutlets and donuts, even those with peppers or endives. These foods absorb too much oil when cooking.

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