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Healthy Foods to Eat

Healthy foods to eat are the living element that occupies the first rank of the human’s needs whether we aware or not. It contributes to the human’s physical health and also their living expectation. Healthy foods are not decided by the quantity of the consumed foods but it depends on the nutrition in those foods. The problem is, we may think that the healthy foods do not make us feel satisfied, or we find many healthy foods cause our long hungry. Do the whole healthy foods so? The answer is no.

Based on the medical research, the type of healthy foods which is able to make us feel full is the food which has the high fiber, contain of the healthy fat and protein and high of water contain. Foods with those characteristics will supply the nutrition needed for our body and keep us feel full longer. Lastly, our physical performance, our eyesight, our mind sharpness, our strength of bone will be ok. Over here, we will talk elaborately about five common healthy foods to eat.

People around the world will easily find this fruit, apple. Nearly in the whole fruit-shop and supermarket we can find it. It is the widely disseminated fruit which is so meaningful for our health. This fruit is easily digested and take a role to face cholesterol. This apple is also the source of vitamin C and actively helps our body to prevent cancer. Eating this fruit together with its skin after being washed is really recommended. The next is the almond bean. Based on the research, this bean is high of fiber and protein, the source of calcium, magnesium and vitamin E. To get the best result, please do not consume the spiced almond due to it bans your diet process. Later on, it will be our favorite healthy food, blueberry.
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This sweetest fruit contains of the high fiber, vitamin, and anti-oxidant. For its serving, we can combine it with salad, cereal, and yoghurt. The whole types of blueberry are medically recommended. The fourth is the spinach. This Popeye’s favorite vegetable is good four our hair and skin. It contains of the high calcium, magnesium, vitamin A and C. Mom after giving birth, is good to consume it. The last is the red bean. Nearly similar with contains of the preceding healthy foods, it contains of high fiber, protein, calcium, amount of vitamins and mineral. Adding this red bean as the combination of our gravy will be the smart idea.

Well, I believe that those healthy foods are easy to be found around us. We can purchase them in the grocery and keep it in our pantry for the storage of our healthy foods. After a week routinely consumes those healthy foods to eat, we can find the health changing within our body.

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