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How to increase you kickboxing workout benefits

A lot has been written about the benefits of kickboxing training. Most people like the enormous calorie burning sensation that skims fat right off of the sensitive mid section. Many others like the side effect of overall mobilization to the entire body that comes with stretching, kicking, jumping and punching. Suddenly, it’s becoming much easier to exercise and do moves that were impossible to do before the first workout.

One of the tricks to get more out of your kickboxing workout in terms of strength and conditioning is to wear heavier boxing gloves. Instead of wearing no gloves or just bag gloves that are 8 Oz or 10 Oz in weight, one can opt to use 16 Oz sparring gloves instead. Whether you use them for shadow boxing or heavy bag workout the benefits are enormously great! The upper body will get a much better conditioning from the added weight of the hand protectors. Shoulders and upper arms will benefit the most. Guys will start to look like pro fighters and girls will look like nobody will ever want to pick a fight with them again.

But be warned. After the first two or three rounds the weight of the gloves will be felt. They will slow you down a lot. But don’t worry, there is no reason to get discouraged: After about a week your body will start to adapt and the heavier hands will feel like they belong to your body, naturally. It’s one of those important lessons in fighting sports: Never give up!

In addition to the positive benefits for strength and conditioning 16 Oz Sparring gloves will protect the hands much better than smaller, lighter gloves during hard impact workouts like heavy bag punching and sparring. Knuckles are padded much better and wrists are supported to the best extend possible. In addition – should you ever consider to do kickboxing sparring – the bigger gloves will help to block and defend against attacks from opponents. Of course 16 Oz gloves are a bit more expensive than the normal bag gloves sold at sports retailers or Wallmart, but it’s not that much of a difference if you opt for budget brands like Fighter from Fighters Inc., one of the leading mail order martial arts supply stores from Florida.

When buying your first pair of boxing gloves there are a few important aspects to pay attention to. It is important that your gloves:

  • fit your hand well without sliding around
  • easy to clench a fist easily and maintain the position
  • padding is located right in front of knuckles
  • strong support for the wrist to keep the hand straight

If all those points apply your hands will be much better protected. You don’t need to pay top bucks for handmade Mexican gloves like Cleto Reyes, but German products like Top Ten should easily fit a normal person’s budget. Enjoy your kickboxing workout with new gloves.

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