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My personal top five fitness DVDs

My personal top five fitness DVDs

My “get fit in 2018” New Year’s resolution is still hanging on, thanks mostly to:a) a (skinny no matter what she eats) good friend who asks me about my workouts all the time,b) the stack of fitness dvds that I ordered on December 31 (deciding that I could indulge all I wanted that night if the dvd’s were on their way/coming to the rescue!).(I find a good fitness dvd is uber-convenient (whenever, wherever, in whatever I happen to be wearing at the moment), affordable, and I’ve been thrilled with the variety – I hadn’t done a fitness dvd in several years and was expecting lots of Cindy Crawford leg lifts and incessant grapevines, but instead I’ve done boot camp, cardio blast, belly burners and more. I’m not bored and I’m still working out, so that’s a really, really good sign.

For me a fitness dvd makes work-life balance so much easier – sometimes I throw one on first thing in the morning, sometimes while the kids are napping and sometimes it has to be after dinner, but the flexibility makes a big difference.

My new fitness kick works for me and my family (my five-year-old daughter is fascinated by Jillian Michaels and has already learned how to do a push-up and a lunge). And if you need to listen to the news or talk to your Mum while you work out (multi-task, multi-task, multi-task), you can just turn the volume down and keep on moving – something that’s not so easy to do with those pesky instructors at the gym!

Honestly, one of the hardest parts was making a choice – there are sooooo many fitness dvd’s on the market these days, and I wanted to find a couple of them that could go a long way. I looked at online ratings, following my instincts and got pretty lucky with my choices so far. If you happen to be thinking of purchasing a fitness dvd or two, here are my top five picks!

1. Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred

If you want to feel every muscle in your body (including a few that you didn’t even know you had), this is truly the fitness dvd for you. Ouch. And I mean that in a good way (mostly). This super intense one-hour dvd is divided into three workouts, each about 20 minutes; then the workouts are further divided into three six-minute cycles: 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio, 1 minute of ab work. Wow. Of all the dvd’s I’ve tried, this one might be the most responsible for me now fitting into my skinny jeans!

2. Davina Body Buff (with Digital Copy):

Davina is a little less intimidating than Jillian, but she’s still intense and knows her stuff. This two-hour fitness dvd set (you definitely don’t need to do all two hours at once – there’s lots of mini-workouts for getting buff!) includes a buff warm-up, buff cardio, buff boxing, buff legs and core, buff arms, buff abs and a buff stretch. You get the point – it’s designed to make you buff, strong and confident. She is encouraging, not annoying and a good role model (not as chiselled as Jillian, but more realistic for most of us). This one’s challenging, but not as hard as 30 Day Shred, so it’s good to mix them up a little.

3. Davina the Box Set 2 (Includes Super Body Workout and High Energy Five)

If you’re looking for a little more bang for your buck, then I would recommend this fitness dvd box set, because it includes both Super Body Workout (super hard, but also super effective) and High Energy Five. It’s a smorgasbord of fitness fun – kickboxing, sculpting, quick 10-minute routines, interval training and more. If you get bored quickly, this is a good bet thanks to Davina bringing so much variety. It’s also easy to follow, and, again, a little less intense than Ms. Jillian!

4. Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones:

Thighs, hips, abs, arms? What are your trouble zones? From The Biggest Loser to the comfort of your own home, Jillian helps target, tame and tone all of those tricky areas that have resisted your best efforts at dieting, exercising and praying for more firm and less fat (or is that just me?). This is another circuit-type fitness dvd, which means you work on a segment (about six minutes each, and there’s seven of them, if you’re counting, which I always am) and then move on. Cardio, upper body, lower body, Jillian kicks my booty at least once a week with this one. Her body and her attitude are pretty motivating when it comes down to it, and you can do anything for six minutes, right?

5. 10 Minutes Solution: Blast off Belly Fat:

Getting back to those trouble zonesmine is the belly. Muffin top, apple shape, beer (wine?) belly, what have you, I have always carried extra pounds around the middle, which can make me feel and look perpetually five months pregnant. I ordered this fitness dvd for the weekends – I want to spend time with the family and everyone’s running every which way, so sometimes 10 minutes is all I have. There are five different routines, all just 10 minutes, and they really have made a difference in my jelly belly – my pants are looser and I am now shaped more like an hour-glass than a beach ball. If I’m feeling really saucy during the week, sometimes I’ll do one of these routines after a Jillian or Davina dvd!

We all want to feel good and look good, but getting fit isn’t always easy. To make it easier, I personally believe that at-home fitness dvd’s are the perfect solution for my lifestyle – and my 10-pounds-lighter body (disclaimer: I’ve also almost completely cut out ice cream)! I invite my skinny bf over sometimes for some added motivation, but mostly I crank out jumping jacks, squats and crunches in my pj’s or jogging pants, and I always feel better when I’ve finished. I have more energy during the day and I am sleeping better at night – and that’s a very happy new year in my book!

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